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Runway Express Delivery

"Where it's supposed to be, When it's supposed to be there, EVERY TIME."

Baggage Delivery for the Greater Seattle Area and Beyond;

A U.S. Dispatch Corporation Company

PO Box 19496, Seattle, WA 98109


Reasonable Prices, Unprecedented Service

Runway Express Delivery (R.E.D.) offers service levels and responsiveness never before seen in baggage delivery operations.

Operating under US Dispatch, we provide state-of-the-art, web-based computer systems for dispatch, tracking, and accounting: on-site personnel; and a team of over 50 experienced, professional couriers to insure your baggage will be where it's supposed to be, when it's supposed to be there. GUARANTEED!

R.E.D. Your HOTEL Specialist

Why should a downtown hotel delivery cost the same as a delivery deep into a residential neighborhood? R.E.D.offers discounted rates and superior services to all hotels in the Greater Seattle Area. See our price guide for individual rates, or speak with your R.E.D. representative for more information.

There when you need us

Rather than using scheduled sweepers, R.E.D. provides on-site personnel at the airport 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Our personnel will constantly be available to you for customer service, to answer your questions, and update you on deliveries, in-person at your desk.

Delivery times, the R.E.D. way:

Our on-site representative will enter your delivery information into our state of the art computer system, and send your bags out of the terminal with the delivery driver directly. Four to six hour delivery means 4-6 hours from when you give it to us, not when the driver decides to start the clock!

R.E.D.'s resources and and flexibility minimize the necessity for routes. By utilizing many drivers delivering few bags each, we eliminate the possibility of one problem delaying delivery to 15-20 other customers. We are also able to send your bags more directly towards their destination, eliminating roundabout routing and minimizing the chances for delays.

  • No more waiting for sweepers+
  • No multi-directional route+
  • 26 years of quality service=
  • No more complaint calls!

R.E.D. Service Guide

Regular: Competitively priced service for less time sensitive deliveries. 4-6 hour service in the Greater Seattle Area, and 6-10 hour service to outlying areas.

Specials: Immediate Service for more critical deliveries. 2-3 hour service in the Greater Seattle Metro Area.

Dedicated: The fastest and most responsive service available. Our next driver will go directly to deliver these bags, immediately, non-stop!

Phone: 206-505-9770

Fax: 206-682-9558


US Dispatch Corporation

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